Reaching Home

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth!


Road to Now Here ~ Philip Brent Harris

This is how it always is,
though no way close
to what you or I think,
have decided it must be.
Yet, what you believe
may become your vision.
Perhaps, for a time, you
will convince me it’s mine.
I would not persuade
you to follow what I do,
though I wish you would

What is yours alone?
Which half of the sky
are you supporting?
How much time
do you spend with
your eyes closed?
Clawing reality, certain
you know what it is and
that you have the right
to tear it down without
knowing what’s next.

Wait, you say, we have…
Yes, I say you have been
told stories your whole
life, assured they ‘re true.
I know those same tales
fed me when I was young,
until I opened my eyes,
questioned what I swallowed.
I felt rain upon my head, saw
bright day and dark night,
while exploring the world,
consuming other stories.
I understand my view
is but a single perspective.
My perception, mine alone,
though I know others
who have shared my eyes,
spoken with my tongue, heard
and hear me say, the only path
I know is to build a wider way,
where we all may walk along.
together, toward a common
direction, both day and night.
We can talk, barter ideas, smile,
laugh, cry, argue, compromise.

Content with my life’s vistas,
I cannot, will not accept mine
is the only sight, the only way.
No matter which path we take,
we all eventually reach home.


Unite the World!

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,

Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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Road to Now Here ~ Philip Brent Harris


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