Yearning and Reaping

Yearning and Reaping

                                                                                       The Far Horizon ~ Philip Brent Harris


Life, our mystery, our sorrow
and our joy, today only.
We can neither live in the past,
nor predict the future,
no matter how much we yearn.
Whether we are single or joined,
guardians of children or
only ourselves and each other,
we all travel together.
Our ship will not sail, if we
each steer in our own direction.
Though we appear to move
in separate vessels, this
is not the truth. We are
in this all together and,
when we harm others, thinking
ours will be the only crew,
shoot holes into the deck
in ignorance, greed or malice,
the hull is also damaged
and we all begin to sink.
Some may pretend that this
in not what’s happening.
Our vessel is failing, as
we sink into oblivion.
We can neither live in the past,
nor predict the future,
no matter how much we yearn.
Now is the only time
that means anything and,
the only time we can choose.
We aim at a distant target,
imagining what our future
might become, remembering
that the world’s children
will reap what we sow,
a world of love and plenty
or the whirlwind.

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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