A Matter of Heart

                                                                     On the Shore ~ Philip Brent Harris

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


People are made to be loved and things are made to be used. The confusion in this world is that things are being loved and people are being used.

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I am sick unto death of describing how screwed up our world has become. Earth, our home, is full of war, major and minor, invasions, occupations, liberations, crusades, jihads, holy wars, unholy wars, child soldiers, kidnapped girls, rape, murder, mayhem, beheadings, war profiteering, terrorism and conspiracy theories. Due to human-exacerbated climate change, overpopulation, disrupted growing cycles, drought, flood, and dwindling supplies of fresh water, living becomes ever more challenging. Wherever you live, whatever you do, I don’t need to tell the world is a troubled place and becomes more so daily. And, as it always has been, it comes down to people being hurt while being powerless, being robbed while being poor and being killed while being innocent. What can we do? Those people who have the power and money want more of the same. They don’t want the world to change and those people who want to change the world don’t have the money or power to change it.

What can we do?

I would say that we need to rethink our approach to living, but I believe we must refeel our approach to living. Many people in the world live simply or simply live. Many struggle to take care of themselves and their families, everywhere. Whatever our financial or social status, those of us who live in the so-called advanced countries are constantly being bombarded with messages to get more, to have more, to do more. These harangues are designed to appeal to our head and to make us want to be the one person with the newest, best and most toys when we die. Directly and indirectly they also encourage us to be afraid, violent and aggressive. Our feelings urge us to take care of others. Such compassion benefits not only others but also ourselves.

Nice guys may finish last, they have the highest point total – Philip Brent Harris

I’m sure many who read this have heard the expression, nice guys finish last. I’ve decided that though nice guys may finish last, they have the highest point total. So those who are and have been concerned only with winning, by this method of score keeping finish last. But it’s not really a question of keeping score, which is symptomatic of the problem. I’ve phrased it this way to try to reach those for whom this life is a competition rather than a joint effort to survive and for everyone to have enough. Because of how we have lived to reach our present state, this is a difficult lesson to learn.

With no success, giving up seemed like a no-brainer, when it was actually the opposite.

In my case, I took the lessons I learned to heart. I dreamed grand dreams. I spent many of my younger years yearning for what I believed I wanted, what I’d been brainwashed to know I wanted. Though I am capable of completing my goals as well, I didn’t do a good job pursuing them. I imagined being rich, successful and powerful as a means to validate my life. I was living in my head. I have a need to be creative, which I have pursued through many outlets. Eventually I went back to college and earned a degree in film, with a focus on screenwriting. I’ve written over a dozen screenplays, but somehow always managed to sabotage myself by dreaming of money and recognition. My need to feel more special than I actually believed I was, caused me to become my own worst enemy. Writing, at the best of times, can be difficult and lonely. With no success, giving up seemed like a no-brainer, when it was actually the opposite.

It’s a matter of heart.

Twenty-five years later and I’ve discovered what appear to be the proper forms and forums for my writing. I also rediscovered one of my early loves, art. Surprisingly, my life- and work-experience seems to have awakened a talent I didn’t know I had. That being said, I feel the reason I could now write and paint was that I had gained the security and heart wisdom to pursue both for their own sake, without expectations. I still have hopes and dreams, but they no longer define me. I feel I need to create and also feel I need to share my vision with the world. Whether my musings or art reach anyone heart-to-heart, only time will tell. This is the lesson I learned. I hope it will help you refeel the way you live. It’s a matter of heart.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

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