Time and Tyrants

                                                                     Angel Wings ~ Philip Brent Harris


Then, how do we judge
things we create
reflecting the world
and the self we present.
Utilitarian, glorious, elegant, ugly,
personal, public, whatever field.
Music which may soar as
skyscrapers, cathedrals.
Art, as massive dam or
a mighty cataract that surmounts it,
shatters it, altering our landscape,
a flowing river, stopped
by a new wall, real
or an imaginary barrier
to divide us, keep us separate
from each other and ourselves,
confused, angry, unable
to express our truth.

Yet, all the works of humanity
are reflected in and driven by
art, music, writing.
They can be revolutionary,
preceding changes, reacting
to movements, responding to needs.
In a changing world, new forms
may reject earlier modes
as stilted, old-fashioned,
no longer relevant.
Unaware the future will
respond to these creators
in the same way they
viewed their forebears, progenitors.
Not through any fit of pique,
merely that they, too,
will be studied, calcified,
ignored and forgotten.

Yet, still they breathe,
as do all those
who came before.
Under the detritus
time has heaped upon them,
someone may stumble
over them, unexpectedly,
find hidden treasure,
where others do not,
see fool’s gold
or nothing at all.
Those who see struggle
not only to bring them to light,
but also to convince others
they should be valued
greater than previously thought.

Many will fail
no matter what effort
they expend, which will be
less than disaster,
if they leave clues.
Curious folk and rebels
will follow rumors and gossip
to the midden of history
tantalized by possibilities,
knowledge, riches
hidden until this moment.
Lost in time, because
misunderstood, because
they were understood.
Time and tyrants never
accept competition.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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