Until Life Runs Out

                                Egret ~ Philip Brent Harris


Our world drowns
in ignorance.
No one knows.
Our world smothers
under ennui, apathy.
No one cares.
We inhabit tiny cages,
think we’ve got it
good, or not.
We run, race,
within our wheels,
believe we are
getting somewhere.

We smoke weed,
drink, pop pills,
preen and pretend.
We don’t see
any of this, anything,
keep our heads down,
never try.
Have no fear.
We will miss,
look for our faces
on milk cartons.
We have been
missing so long.

See us, wan, pale,
haggard visages
hung on poles.
Boot-printed faces
trod upon, drowned
in muddy puddles,
murky waters.
Jamming sewer grates,
shredded, sinking
beneath the waves.
Ink and blood,
our identities
washed away.

Where are we now?
I see us all around.
Cannot create
word, touch or sound.
Bitter, burning tears
we cry, carving skin,
salt to saturate
each and every ocean.
Until we run
out of life,
and life runs
out of us.

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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