We Have Ignition ~ Philip Brent Harris


Let the world inhabit you,
move you in strange, exotic directions.
Imagine a new land
where north, south, east, west
are meaningless, arbitrary.
Find there no time, but change
ever present and everlasting.
Expressions of limited duration.
Only process, constant,
no past, no future, a surprise
waiting around every moment,
even if we find
what’s expected,
what we have found before.

Yet, we are blindsided,
believing we awaken as
the same person , being
after the interim of sleep.
In the same way, we always
expect to wake up again.
Because this is how we have
manifested and will present,
until we do so no more. Into the
realms of fire, water, air, earth, bugs and
worms and germs. As they exhibit changes,
they suggest and employ in their
and our constant transformations.

So say scientists, some
at least, at the forefront
of the physics of time,
the ephemeral minutia
of quantum dynamics
in their quest to understand,
explain make rational
what logic cannot encompass.
And truly, the math is flawless
until it is not.
Their elucidation sufficient
until life is not, at least
on the plane beyond,
infinity of ever-constant change.

Still, this misses the element
of motivation, animation,
neither the actors’ question
nor flickering-screen fantasies.
Here, I speak of life, but
not in the manner we describe it,
nor how we ascribe it
to higher-order creatures,
which we are not and,
mostly, do not understand.

Surely, if life is present,
it is ever-present, within all
that is known and unknown.
Much more of the latter than
the void of space, never empty,
as we’ve surmised, but full,
the mystery of life and death
which are continuous.
The age of what we term
the cosmos, must hold
the greatest wisdom,
provide the most salient
examples of how this all works.

If not that, the spinning black holes
at the heart, as the heart
of myriad and far-flung galaxies
Must contemplate far more
than is in our weak philosophies.
Blossoming suns, their elder cousins,
the ejected detritus
which becomes planets, moons,
comets and asteroids, us.

Oh, what of us, mere babes?
Mountains and oceans,
strange creatures of land and sea.
Some still extant, and others,
gone, whether they crawled
onto the land, or back
in the inky, briny depths.
Others, which have perished,
been transformed, whatever
we may know or suspect.

Mountains, trees and rivers
are far-wiser than we.
We are so very young.
Spores, molds, insects, rodents,
which we term lower-order vermin
have more to teach us
than we seem able to learn.
Simply because we can kill and die,
consume and procreate,
makes us no-better than all.
Believing we comprehend, surpass
the spectrum of transformation
makes us fools, babbling
in places, times, which are
events of longer duration.

Yet, who knows, next time around?


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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