When Fear Fades

                        Red Barn, Stormy Sky ~ Philip Brent Harris

When fear fades, what will I discover
Maybe another person the same as me
One who struggles to meet like needs
Who seeks the same answers that I do

When anger fades, who will I become
Will I learn to be patient, quiet, to wait
Never to merely speak, but to converse
To think, feel and have a dialog with all

When sadness fades, what will I discern
May I understand there’s no separation
Between joy, sorrow, pleasure and pain
Nor what is seen, hidden, real or fiction

When aggression fades, what might I try
Can I choose, study war no more at last
Give freely of myself, sharing all with all
As all partake our endless cosmic repast

When hope fades, will I grow deaf, blind
Lay down in wild lands, naked and alone
Unaware that I am but one stitch in time
Only a single voice in the cosmic chorus

When love fades, will I remember myself
Having subsumed myself in other beings
Realize at last, again that there’s no ending
Nothing is ever lost or gained, all remains

When perception fades, will I begin to see
Comprehend that I create my own reality
And simultaneously reality also creates me
Wave to particle, here, there, everywhere

When need fades, will I see neath my face
Taking off my costume, mask and manner
Standing exposed in the darkness and light
Realize that there’s only ever one day/night

When existence fades, will I begin to live
Present, awake and aware every moment
United, unique, color, note, word, instant
Nonexistent, eternal, perfect, flawed, one
Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment
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