Drawn Together

Long Dive ~ Philip Brent

                    Long Dive ~ Philip Brent

I see our world grows ever smaller
Cultures interact around the globe
A wind blows outside, shakes trees
Eyes open, I’m shaking in my boots

A scientist thinks Earth is shrinking
Our world’s actually getting smaller
Says gravity’s the culprit, who knew
More I pondered, more sense it made

Is gravity a prosaic name for divinity
God and gravity both start with a “g”
Don’t get angry flying off the handle
Abide with me a few moments more

Deity and gravity both end the same
This is not the only thing they share
They’re believed to exist everywhere
Are key to creation, all possibilities

Equally adept at destruction of all
Tie together galaxies, suns, worlds
Elements combining at their behest
Bring life and death, alpha, omega

What I ask is the big bang but birth
Grow, evolve, constant companion
A silent partner within all changes
Till life’s heat gone, drawn together

To Begin Anew

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