One-eyed Man

CMTM 3 ~ Child is Father to the Man ~ Philip Brent

CMTM 3 ~ Child is Father to the Man ~ Philip Brent

We are conditioned, convinced when we are but babes in arms
Depends on the teacher to determine whether this helps, harms
Despite where we live, we are persuaded to think as we are told
In America, the United States of, we’re pressed into their mold

Molded thus, in childhood, know we’ll have any life we choose
Yet, our daily reality most often makes us want to sing the blues
Striving to climb the pinnacle all the way, to be upon the tip top
All is fair, not just in love and war, in commerce, it’s win or flop

Dirty dealing, screw your friends and send all the jobs off shore
Leave one poor sap to do it all, why ever would you need more
Happy merely to have this job, guaranteed not to carp or to cry
Afraid to fail, lose their place, benefits, without time to ask why

At an average age of 30, former middle-class fill fast-food ranks
Part-time work, no benefits, and still they’ll give a hearty thanks
Some, always better than none, though you may work three jobs
While a fat cat hedge-fund manager or a banker steals and robs

All this the result of dreaming we can become anything we want
Economy collapse, many homes foreclosed and we find we can’t
While big banks and their lying minions suffer less than nothing
Too big to fail, whatever it means; they fly away on golden wings

While people on the bottom still dream they’ll be on top one day
Unless we find a new path, this fantasy will continue to hold sway
Those atop the top and just below will dance and laugh and sing
So poke out an eye; in a land of blindness a one-eyed man’s king


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