All of Me

Sky Water ~ Sky Water

Sky Water ~ Brent Harris

I swirled as a seed
Caught within the flood
Following the torrent
Toward safety, doom
Danced along a precipice
Hidden by the storm
Imagined I was apart
Unconnected, unprotected
Bashed, battered
Buffeted by unseen force
Believed I wouldn’t,
Couldn’t have mattered
Wandering along
Washed up upon
An unknown shore

I lay silently
Quiescent, unknown
Parched, alone
Seen, believed
As my only world
Yet, the stream
Full of life, promise
Rushed past
Flowed gently by
In its season
Till I
Could not
Perceive it
A thin trickle

How long I lay
Unaware, fallen
Unsuspected potential
Drips of rain
Teased me
I did not respond
Deep stirrings
I could not
Would not
Acknowledge, accept
Forgotten, disbelieved
The past, my past
But not me

Still, water
Ebbed, flowed
Torrent to trickle
Soul near
Eternity distant
Season, past season
Passed me
Animal urge, step
Drove me under
Drop or deluge
Where I opened
My eyes, my heart
Opened myself
To potential
To possibility

Stretched in darkness
Reached out
Tendril, root
Hope, belief
To reach water
Life force
Always, always
Available, ignored
Known, denied
Until desire
My intent
Connected and
All of me


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