Part and Parcel

Dimension 3 ~ Brent Harris

Dimension 3 ~ Brent Harris

Land’s end
Is it real
Or only metaphor
Will it bend
As need will reveal
What we’ll use it for

The coastal horizon
Undiscovered place
Where we walk
Will we put a guise on
To hide our face, or
So we don’t balk

The known world
They tell me is set
I cannot believe it true
All of us whorled
Hearty explorers yet
Being timid will not do

Some seek leaders
To guide them through
Life’s sometimes thorny maze
Your distance glass and readers
Will aid your view
Beyond the distant haze

Some forge ahead
Boldly, as others hold back
Though, in time, we all arrive
Despite what’s thought or said
Whatever trail or tack
Part and parcel of being alive


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