Fullness of Time

Cheshire Moon ~ Philip Brent

Cheshire Moon ~ Philip Brent

The moon sports a Cheshire grin tonight
Hiding its face behind its sly smiling light
It will be revealed in the fullness of time
When o’er the brow of the hill it’ll climb

Many tell us, though it varies, it’s the same
Playing hide and seek with the sun, a game
Mirroring light from the cosmos streaming
A tiny mote and a million roaches teeming

When the Cheshire moon presents its face
Ere it turns away again, we might find grace
Or we will always only continue to pretend
Nothing changes, ever, forever without end

Like the moon is the way that children play
The game differs, but it is still the same day
Until we’re hollered home, when night falls
Till one day we’re only the parent who calls


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