Time and Gravity

Stuck in the Middle, Too ~ Philip Brent

Stuck in the Middle, Too ~ Philip Brent

Are terrorists parents, do they have children
I imagine they are, were, I think they must
Still they blithely others’ children condemn
Who will remember, care, when we’re dust

What if people took their daughter or son
Suddenly away from them, then were gone
Raped, beat them, until broken to their will
As they continued to pillage, maim and kill

Would they crumble if their son or daughter
Were taught the belief of those they slaughter
No way abduction, death will return their life
It only fills our human spirit with pain, strife

Not only our modern world, but all of history
The early reasons why should be no mystery
We act the same, like the sun circles the Earth
Foul our air, water, destroy our planet’s worth

If only experience mattered maybe not so bad
Our existence harms us, no longer what we had
Can anyone believe their deity might approve
Wouldn’t their chosen god rival views remove

I don’t care who, where you are, what you think
Time we lay war and weapons down, at the brink
Perhaps I should stop trying, it’s not such a sin
At last, time and gravity will always, always win


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