A Living Hell

The Journey ~ Philip Brent

The Journey ~ Philip Brent

Imagine if everyone who had ever lived, lived forever
Decrepit old carcasses stacked up like a cord of wood
What? You thought we’d stay young, no changes ever
That is crazy and totally absurd; it would do no good

Consider history’s myriad heroes, sidekicks and villains
Who’d battle to retain, increase, consolidate their power
Plus the noise, the stink (buy nose, ear plugs) of zillions
I do not believe I would, could last even one short hour

But, wait, we can’t die; it sounded like such a great deal
Oh my god, we will not be capable of doing ourselves in
In a future world like this, a living hell, how will we feel
I’m afraid just living, would then begin to feel like a sin

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