Carpe Hora

Black Pearl Descending ~ Philip Brent

Black Pearl Descending ~ Philip Brent

They know they are outnumbered ninety-nine to one
We, the larger number, say that nothing can be done
Is it something in the water, or perhaps in our food
Whatever it proves to be, it must be something good

Good, for them, at least, but not for all the rest of us
And, I will tell you, they wonder why we make a fuss
Their daily eliminations most certainly trickle down
That’s why it stinks, but just enough for us to frown

It’s fertilizer, can’t you see, designed to foster growth
I think it is just a lot of shit, so just how can it be both
They’re the same, it’s the truth, so what’s the problem
I cannot quite express it without a big gob of phlegm

Had a friend whose bumper sticker said Eat the Rich
I couldn’t seem to convince myself to adopt his pitch
They’re really rather few and either too thin or too fat
Truly, I do not mean to slander anyone by saying that

Thin ones are tough and stringy, hardly worth the time
My doctors said to limit fat, yet they may taste sublime
I am not that sick, although some may think me crazy
It is all just too much work and quite honestly I’m lazy

If the rich shared a tiny bit of their preposterous wealth
They could step out in public, with little need for stealth
But, because they have the most money, guns and power
They will shit upon us till some decide to seize the hour


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