Over Chai or Beer

The Mind of Man ~ Philip Brent

The Mind of Man ~ Philip Brent

If the sky had been really falling
Would I have felt it hit on the head
If reason’s voice had been calling
Would I have heard what it said

Do I prattle all the live-long day
Trying to make my life have sense
Tongue tangled, mind in the way
My plea, hope, peace, my defense

If I add truth, beauty to the world
Follow my quest in my time here
Could I change all; is that absurd
Let’s sit to talk over chai or beer



  1. If only all life’s problems could be solved over a chai or beer it would be great. However, I guess a drink with friends does go some way to easing them.


    1. I just think if I keep talking about this, something will change. But as you say a drink of whatever with friends can make the day better.


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