Flower Power

Autumn Jewels

Autumn Jewels

Stucco walls and Spanish tile roofs
Backed by tall, tree-crowned hills
Set off by gnarly oaks, blossoms, wisteria
Sing myriad tulips, rejoicing daffodils
Heady fragrance; dizzy, spinning, is it this
Perhaps, or perhaps it’s too much sun
From which I reel, causes my confusion

Everywhere, people, groups, myriad, unique
Such a wide, amazing mix of races, sexes, ages
Who all sit or stand, walk and talk and laugh
Just the same as people seen everywhere
No one cringes, wards against the evil eye
No ugly words heard, gestures seen, no stares
Reminds me of the flowers on display

While we know all flowers and plants grow
They do not grow just anywhere, you know
Still, most respond to food, water and care
Except tough plants, who crave neglect, beware
Still, when plants and flowers are freely mixed
Interspersed colors, and various genuses
Their contrasted beauty shows life’s genius

If for a time, you saw only yellow roses
They’d lose their bloom, you your repose
Like people who only tolerate the familiar
Dismayed by diversity, others, want only par
Wondrous equality needn’t be homogenous
So, mix and mingle like rain into the ocean
Smile at everyone, with a sweet emotion


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