When We All Know

Toe Jammin' aka Feet of Oil

Toe Jammin’
aka Feet of Oil

Everybody dies
So why do we try
So hard to pretend
We will never end
Hold tight the ignorant
Insanity of youth
When we all know the truth

This is not meant
To cry false sentiment
How we face this
Whether with no solace
You and I decide intent
Or with aplomb
Earth, water, fire, tomb

Conflict is natural
Yet turmoil answers no call
Boring if we all agree
Better than forced inanity
Wage war to seek peace|
Persecute the poor, needy
Pretend to end greed, poverty

Confused, off balance
By lies like everyone has a chance
When few have most
And most have least
Justice’s scales swing constantly
Up and down, back and forth
Till no one finds true worth


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