Vox Clamantis in Deserto

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth


This verse has been modified from one I wrote, Full Stop, in August of 2014. What will it take for our madness to stop? If it ever does.

Mountebank Brand Tea ~ Philip Brent Harris

More senseless killings, now Tennessee, another school is violated.
Three adults and three children, stricter gun laws are indicated.
Not where this crime happened, but the culture of murder inhaled.
Shooting madly, multiple rounds, and our system again has failed.

Perhaps the first lesson anyone who wants to buy a gun must learn;
death may be the outcome and must always be your first concern.
Taught as graphically as possible; simply being told will not suffice.
Reality does not register as real, visceral, even told more than twice.

Video games, media desensitize us, so many brutally blown away.
We become not more aware, but more numb day by bloody day.
For children to be inoculated, isolated for mammon is no excuse,
thus, slaying their humanity and empathy turns into child abuse.

Yet killing anyone whether you are nine or ninety may do the trick.
Hopefully a strong lesson, even if you shoot the mad or merely sick.
Learn to shoot safely to go out and hunt, if your kill is used to feed.
Single shot pistols and automatic weapons, we simply do not need.

Such guns are meant for killing people, despite sited noble motives.
Keeping them will only bring more memorials and more lit votives.
Somebody’s father, mother, maybe somebody’s daughters or sons;
you have no personal connection. Are you and yours the next ones?

Much tragedy when guns wreak havoc, for the victims and the shooter.
Lives are changed forever by shock and sorrow, death the only suitor.
Sad to daily face deaths by accident, suicide, terrorist, criminal or cop,
tragic, really, because some battle to retain this, when we could stop!

Every day in every way, I see many more signs of humanity’s insanity,
and I am just one voice crying in the wilderness; what does make me?
Oh, Adam, will you please awaken, so this, our nightmare might end.
Saying this is but our reality, full stop, is something we cannot defend.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,

Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

Unite the World


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Mountebank Brand Tea ~ Philip Brent Harris

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