Lost in Thought ~ Philip Brent Harris


We went out for a walk and shopping.
Humid, rain promised, hot and sweaty.
I am temporarily not wearing my mask,
Though my car window’s open to the air.
Vehicle parks beside me, a pickup truck
And on goes my mask, soaked in sweat.

I see people passing, who don’t believe,
No mask, think a global virus is a hoax.
Their disregard, may harm me or others.
Perhaps, they don’t care that I could die.
I’m old; my hair is white and I lean left.
By my lights, I think I’ve more to offer.

I imagine some are bored, angry, scared,
With no real savings and a family to feed.
This shelter-in-place cannot be for them.
They show up with guns and with signs.
Hateful, racist, only white need to apply.

Yes, I tar too many with the same brush.
What should I think; I see so many people
Who have refused to wear any protection?
Do they really think the world conspired?
All leaders, scientists, doctors everywhere
Got together, said let’s target these people?

To be continued, maybe.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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