A Single Tear

A Single Tear

                                                   Seeking Safe Harbor ~ Philip Brent Harris


What net of illusions do I hope to cast?
Magician’s misdirection my future, past.
Always on the verge of fathoming truth,
feeling all makes sense, a folly of youth.

How then could I have thought, known?
Imagine imagination’s leap, now grown.
many ways, not only down or sideways,
wander, stars transfixed, narrow byways.

I wonder if I’ll grasp it ere my last day?
Will any explain me when I slip away?
Mayhap, I’ll not prove footnote worthy,
deluded rainbow dream, a mad Dorothy

When no one knows your truth, or you,
only time shows what future will ensue.
You had it right, but no one would listen
Upon the face, all, a single tear glistens.

What face it is, was; only you can decide.
Universal, viewed at odds, yet none lied.
Those who have seen it never need to say
If you claim you have, live in fear today.

Such truth in platitudes, clichés disguised.
Simple, with no need to be edited, revised.
What’s denied, elided, notes a secret song.
Each is all; no separate thing may belong.

If  unclear, where my words would lead,
Look within, without; being all you need.
Raise a hand, not anger or fear, greeting.
Stay calm, always you, you’ll be meeting.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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