Grown Large

Grown Large

                                                              Roman Candle~ Philip Brent Harris


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


In too many places
we are led by children
grown large
before they learned
to share,
grown large,
still believing the
the myth.

Neither want, need
nor knowledge
hold sway.
The fluid world
of young children,
constantly shifting
as they see
life’s magic, yet,
long for stability.

 Most soon understand
those who
came before
have found a way
to make their
world work.
Though none of us
live perfectly
right, balanced.

We fall
somewhere on
the spectrum,
nervous tics, neurosis,
to full-blown psychosis.
Within this, beyond
are those who
may now, or in
the future, change
our perceptions,
our world.

Actors, artists, composers,
dancers, creators of all sorts,
grown large, each
unique, do not lose
the magic of youth.
They hold it,
dance with it,
sing with it,
wrestle with it,
clutch it to them.

They force it through
a vessel too small
and present it to us.
We may not understand
it until someone else
holds onto their magic
which helps them
explain this truth,
vision, which even
its creator cannot.

Who will say,
then or later, as
we, they try
to apprehend, express
their magic,
because they must,
Magic, a demanding
taskmaster, pushing us
beyond mere procreation.

To each of us
a vision given,
our treasure expressed
so we may share its
substance, particular and  undeniable,
into the ubiquitous ether.
They would teach us
we are more than
we recognize and can
grow beyond current limitations.

Elsewhere on the scale,
children, grown large, who
know and say, mine.
Always creating messes
which others
must clean, any chaos
ignored, blamed
on others, forgotten.
Contrarywise, portrayed
as exaggerated victory.

The fluidity of magic,
change, in their early years,
so frightens them
they lock it out.
They grow a carapace
close around
their soul, until
stunted psyches fill it
and grow no more.

Still, their bodies,
grown large, portray
maturity, so they
fill the roles of any adult.
We must not
permit them to lie
to us, allow them to
convince us anything they say
or do is for us.

They know everything
belongs to them, so only
that which pleases
them, does not challenge
their growth-starved vision
is possible, acceptable.
Their myopia so pronounced
that anything
which confounds them,
disloyalty, failure to obey
frightens and angers them.

They lash out,
yell and scream,
stomp their feet, throw
toys and tantrums
like small children, when
they don’t get their way.
And, for them,
it’s  acceptable,
even required to change
the rules, even
the game.

Capable of believing
one thing one moment,
it’s opposite
a moment later
and something else
without missing a beat.
If we cannot
adapt to such revisions,
these rapid shifts
it’s our problem.

The have nothing
for us, give
nothing to us,
which they do not
believe already theirs.
They know
and we must see
their limited vision
is the only truth.
Why then, won’t we
let them rule the world?


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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