Along Your Merry Way

                                      Interstellar Travel ~ Philip Brent Harris


In the deepest darkest depths of night,
when all your thoughts shriek danger, fright.
When evil looms within your sight,
Dawn will come.

When wicked winter winds into your marrow bite,
storm-dark clouds bring sleet, snow, ice, till you can’t fight,
and every day you live feels black as night,
Spring will come.

When every urge says, “You, step off that height,”
and slender is life’s gossamer thread, pulled tight,
when nowhere can you see a glimmer of the light,
Hope will come.

When all feels wrong and desolation is your plight.
When death waits impatiently, the coming of your wight,
and you embrace the specter, simply out of spite,
Life will come.

When fire, flood, famine and disaster smite,
hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons, tsunamis blight,
when you rail against the heavens, with all your might,
Help will come.

When day wanes and and all the stars alight,
and all the wrong you saw ends up being right.
When possibility is always  your delight,
Life and death and life, follow as the day the night.

The universe spins in all its glory, continuing ever along its merry way.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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