Point Counterpoint

Embryonic Construct ~ Philip Brent

    Embryonic Construct ~ Philip Brent

Patterns, all is patterns
The world over
We struggle to comprehend
Seeing faces
In the rug
Monsters, creatures, demons
In chipped paint
Puddles on the street

Yet, we deny
Or try
Abnegate such apparitions
As fancy only
Too frightened
To believe
It might be another

Until art
Intrudes in all forms
Myriad manifestations
Music, painting, sculpture
Pixels, posters, illustration
Life, simply life
Whenever, wherever
An artist touches
The world
Touches us
Breaks barriers
Between dimensions
And opens us

Laid bare
Eager to accept
Intentional miracles
All true creation
Fill our souls with glory
Point, counterpoint
To universal entropy
Which seeks only


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