In All Its Lovely Raging

Water World ~ Philip Brent

Water World ~ Philip Brent

The ice cracks, breaks up and melts away
Flowing southward from its place of birth
Causing Earth to grow hot, angry each day
As massive storms shout warning at earth

What secrets have we found, have we lost
Our ignorance has caused a stormy tirade
Even now, do enough understand the cost
In hubris cowering, too frail and too afraid

Water is us, you see, in all its lovely raging
We cause it to melt, rise, will pay the price
Have we now gone too far, no true gauging
No magic spell to chant, once twice, thrice

The magic in the earth; we’re unconnected
Rarely sit outside, watch our world go round
Do so, be cosseted or mocked, disrespected
Where you are, you stand on sacred ground


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