Generational Dichotomy

Foutain Rain ~ Philip Brent

Foutain Rain ~ Philip Brent

At a performance I really did not want to attend
Like we do with much in life, I chose to pretend
I will enjoy young operatic voice in their prime
Anyway, creative venues oft inspire me to rhyme

Until lights dim, some scan email on their phones
I read the program andfeel as old as gramophones
Tech-savvy folk feel that we’re fogeys at thirty-five
Sit wondering, shocked, awed we allege we’re alive

Always, the young think the world for them alone
Old farts must step aside, any minus smart phone
No smart toys for me, but I can write in near dark
While they will not learn cursive now, not a mark

Yet all enjoy the genius penned ere we were born
Sung by ardent voices, who hope not to be forlorn
Connection addicted, the young can’t understand
Generational dichotomy makes life itself expand


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