Open the Gate ~ Philip Brent

Open the Gate ~ Philip Brent

What can you remember; are all your memories bad?
You recall hurts and feelings that make you feel sad
What can you remember; are your memories good?
You encounter nothing that needs to be understood

Is the evil recollected from a loved-one or a stranger?
Though long-past, your world is fraught with danger
Did you live each moment; that is exceedingly rare?
Yet no matter how daring, you found yourself there

In this time full of war, violence, hunger, need, strife
Have dark days you weathered prepared you for life?
Horrified by such evil everywhere, you shrink, hide
Have you buried each moment you live deep inside?

You mark your days off on the calendar, one by one
Do you fill them with work, worry instead of the sun?
Some days feel so hopeless that you pray not to care
Do you think you would be better if totally unaware?

And you do not have the money, the time or the will
To follow your conscience, join the march on the hill
You feel helpless, small; you know you cannot matter
Think those who suggest otherwise mad as the hatter

What will you bequeath to those people who live after?
Will you bestow doom, darkness or sun and laughter?
Will you punish all children, leave your cruel legacy?
Or are we all simply so blind because we will not see?


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