By Any Other Name

A New Life ~ Philip Brent

A New Life ~ Philip Brent

Would miracles be or seem, by any other name, so grand
Miraculous, magical, names for what we don’t understand
Magic, for some speaks evil, dark powers we cannot define
Miracles, equally mysterious, argued as proof of the divine

Minds shut so tightly, some refuse to heed any dissertation
Faith in their own unknown eschews any other explanation
Our hubris blinds us in ways we cannot quite comprehend
While we act as if we know everything; it is all just pretend

Our lives improved constantly, though it makes them worse
Long since we owned our days from the cradle to the hearse
Ubiquitous and uncaring, new computers are controlling all
Greatness to which we once aspired, lost while we get small

Thinking machines, their progeny, their own authors, while
Control is less than an illusion; just sit back, relax and smile
And blankly we will view our tiny lives, our world so vapidly
Wondering what hit us, as our lives turn ever more rapidly

Frightened, we grab, grasp, hoping to at least slow it down
Mindful, we gasp, knowing we will reap what we have sown
Many still in denial, believing in some unforeseen miracle
Deny the harm we’ve wrought, despite evidence empirical

Science beyond us, it’s been said, we would think it magic
Blind faith substituted for the truth, we should find it tragic
Faith itself is not the demon; it’s confusing faith and reason
Turn, turn, turn, for each action, reaction, there is a season

If what we do and how we think express some divine being
We should wear our shame as stigmata or consider fleeing
Or stop! Pause, consider what principles all religions share
Do unto others as we would have them do to us seems fair


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