Taking Your Chance

Let's Do the Time Warp Again ~ Philip Brent

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again ~ Philip Brent

What do you do if you discover you don’t like your life?
When the wonderful choices you’ve made lead to strife
Not all of them, certainly, but you feel stifled, unfulfilled
One more day you’ll spend praying your world is stilled

What you dreamed, do you remember, or who you’d be
Memories lost in the mists of time, have you looked to see
Do they haunt you and you talk about them all the time
Till dreams become mountains you know you can’t climb

Acquaintances, coworkers, friends want to plug their ears
And every moment they hear you lament feels like years
With luck, someone will tell you do it or shut the hell up
Shit or get off the pot, until you finally think, what’s up?

Will you be brave enough to chuck all the money and try
Even when lovers, friends and family only ask you why
You must realize that it is never too late for you to begin
Unless you die without taking your chance, oh what a sin


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