Another Way

On a Clear Day ~ Brent Harris

On a Clear Day ~ Brent Harris

I wonder, if you had gone the other way
Would it, to me, have made a difference
It probably would have, but who’s to say
Whether better, worse, drained in the rinse

Your life feels like you’re in the spin cycle
Pressured, wrung out, stuck in one place
You pretend to ravel riding an exercycle
You may ask for help; no need to save face

Some time, others will seek help from you
In this life, we have different parts to play
You fear you will be stuck forever in poo’
Still, we all need some help along the way

Seek what you need, but give what you can
It is not really a contest about the most toys
Whether you think it random, part of a plan
Do your best, to your utmost, but ever enjoy


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