You Can Say That Again

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest

You Can Say That Again

           (cliché at play)

Adam’s off ox is out of the box
His changed bell is rung fonder
The best salt was not made early
But, end of the day, sun shines
The walls have their work order
Only the late hats without insult

Like taking a cool kid by the hair
There’s plenty of fish in the hall
Dead as the kettle is the blue riot
Every dog fell in a beauty store
Your guess fears a low-hanging
Tiger barking up the wrong tree

Like the plague avoids his never
A drunk and his fell swoop play
A red-handed bear breathes a sigh
Fresh as mud and deaf as a skunk
Face the spoon, few and far ends
Blushing, luck would reason have

Lamb ear ground off the wrong end
Method meets evil seventh heaven
Mad dandy busy as a moot point
Without bitter end, cold jig funny
Face God’s early hand to mouth
Ear to water, born with a dull thud

Backward as an equal, pretty as envy
Chip off the butterflies nipped naked
Checkered feather brains a dead dog
Blow bacon music, hard on the hog
Left-handed cat hale, out of analysis
La femme hungry as a limp farewell



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