Acts of Life



I’m tightrope walking on razor wire
Dancing up there, above a pit of fire
On one side darkness hides mystery
A secret hidden from myself, a plea

While half anything is not complete
On no off, out no in, note but no beat
Unknown frightening till in the light
Yet then we’ll know if we must fight

Dark specters lurk, barely out of view
Whispering seduction, a corrupt stew
Bright sunlit may blind me to the good
Unless brilliance shifts, lifts my mood

I’m walking on my hands over hot coals
Translucent, sure, my hopes and goals
Till I catch my hair on fire and scream
To cry and falter, it darkens my dreams

Beware, occulting night may fall abruptly
No stars, moon, illumination; I cannot see
Wander bleak depths, ever deeper, shout
Help, a guide, solace; only love leads out

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