Once Upon a Time


Deja View

Deja View

Once upon time  should be how we start every story
Whether poignant slice of life or adventure and glory
Tear-fraught tragedy, where in the end, the hero dies
Perhaps a really steamy romance where everyone lies

Maybe your once upon a time is aimed into the future
Perhaps biographies, travel books, or you’re into nature
Do you want to learn something you never knew before
How to do a practical task, woodwork or to hang a door

Laughing may be your sole aim, nothing wrong with that
Or you have decided you want to breed long-haired cats
Every story told, remembered or recorded in some book
Is someone’s once upon a time, if you know how to look

My advice, decide what you want your story to become
Start there, ask around, there’s no reason to feel dumb
Kids aren’t the only ones to learn the world from scratch
Adults can do it, too, I know, if the opportunity we snatch

Once upon a time ago, there’s something you didn’t know
You decided to apply yourself, get to work and have a go
You’re quest may have involved no magic, if you only knew
Since once upon a time you didn’t know and now you do


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