A glowing orb reflects itself in opposition.

A glowing orb reflects itself in opposition.

Found Verbiage Free Verse

As I’ve begun exploring what haiku, poems and stories can be garnered from the headlines, sub-heads and captions (the bold-faced type) in my local daily newspaper, I’ve begun to wonder what this might say about our existence at this moment in time. Like snapshots, capturing images, emotions, our greater story expressed in the news and freezing it for later use.

It is so easy to see the greed, corruption, violence, degradation and destruction which surrounds us in national and international news. When our political and religious leaders, our bankers, generals, arms dealers, drug lords and others who desire only to help themselves are little more than  bullies, how do we fight back?

Yet, I know there are people, me included, who have hope, and seek change, who believe we must choose to change our paradigm, to choose to grow up and put away  war and violence, the toys of our youth. Will we continue down the dark path upon which we walk, or will we choose to change? I believef there is a struggle on the most basic level to decide what future we will enter. So to explore this belief, I’ve decided to create a series of diametrically opposed verses drawn from the bold-faced type in my paper, one reflecting our darkness and one reflecting light.. Below, you will find the first pair, A.W.E. and Easy Rhapsody. Let’s see together if I succeed. Any and all comments are always welcome.

Feel free to contribute your own found verbiage free verse, derived from the headlines in your daily newspaper.

Pair One


State strikes down status
Of all women under law
Defining mother as only role
Examples executed without warning

Homeless banned by court order
Thousands suffered assault, left
Lying on the ground, bleeding
When soldiers ordered to attack

Police open fire on stunned crowd
Despite struggle, more than 100,000 dead
Conservative extremism apocalyptic
Anonymous wealthy ebullient


Reimagine people: different
Confident, complete, fair, caregivers
Sharing hopes, play, wisdom and
A life of richness, fidelity

Equality keystone to challenges
Leaders worth holding power
Grand reward, protected options
Art, culture, like lovers, easing recovery

Change, long overdue, debuts paradise
Creativity fills every table
Patient, well-deserved peace
As easy rhapsody sings.

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