Headline Haiku

Below, please find more haiku pulled from the headlines, subheads and captions in my daily newspaper.


Chronic gunman shoots
Discrimination limits
Opinions galore

Turf familiar
Struggling struck nullified
Sabbath gasbags high

Aimless bullet hit
Death sentence, least really care
Storytelling adults

Willing to bluff fatal
People urged push, judges rule
Lobbyists focus

Life rose far above
Serendipity with help
People really care

Flesh to be tested
Paranoia beckoning
Loss, hard time required

Support losing hope
Schools not all fully legal
Smoother ride ahead

Commission decides
Flicker of lost time random
World plays out

Pride, poise tied to death
Moment moves forward, lingers
Aimless losing steam

Brent Harris Fine Art
Philip Brent Digital Art and Photography


The Pen’s Might ~ Philip Brent Harris
The Extra Mile
Art, clothing and other gift items

Pacifica, CA 94044

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