Life Until Now


Once, I lived a life
Such as he,
Who sat and pondered
Turned each moment
Upon its head
Abandoned quickly
When it proved dead.
Convinced each battle fought
End in winning, damn the cost.
Ever only to regain myself
Who wondered, wandered, lost.


Nourishing love illuminated spirit,
Encouraged me to grow,
To breathe, to focus, flourish,
Ride the flow.
Still rudderless and
current tossed
The flow powerful, swift, direct
Never to be crossed
Sometimes pulled under, to sink
Below it
To meet my darkness, hid within,
And know it.
Past struggle, the wail and flail
Of living random, life.
Humbled, seeking guidance
To overcome the strife


On my journey to the now
That’s here
Struggled, muddled through
Despite my fear.
Consumed by panic,
Fought for air
Gasp and grasp the hopeful spark,
Yet do I dare
Subsumed in darkest depths
Knowing surly I will fail
To trust, surrender to the current
And rise into sunlight and inhale.

Brent Harris Fine Art
Philip Brent Digital Art and Photography

The Pen’s Might ~ Philip Brent Harris
The Extra Mile
Art, clothing and other gift items

Pacifica, CA 94044

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