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Now or in the Future

~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Filled with chances, wasted hours, happy times the path ahead carries us onward, up a distant hill. What stops will we make, steps will we take, missed friends, opportunities, through fear, reason, self-treason? Challenges we’ll add to our path’s trials as […]

What Do We Fear?

~~~~~ 4 Questions Concerning the Fate of Humanity It is not a question of who we have been or even who we are now. It’s a question of who we become. More importantly, it’s whether we choose or whether we continue to embrace the pain and chaos we manifest and appear to revel in, in […]

Whose Sweet Face?

~~~~~ While club and maul and stick and mace may have been effective to smash a face, they all require study, practice and intent, maim or murder always what was meant. While the spear and stone or an arbalest, increased striking distance, were not fast. Designed to kill prey, as dangerous as us finished more […]

Children’s Duty

~~~~~ How lovely a bouquet, yellow daffodils, in a clear glass vase, the stems cut short, die the sooner; their life and beauty stills. Though death comes for all life, no resort. From the far field we hear a loud report. Death stalks killing fields and marks all, knowing lives of children, it will abort, […]

Coping Strategy

~~~~~ We do what we can and we do what we must, time, but fickle storm, blows a random gust. Space, beyond our ken, in imagination sings. Each morning amazes us, new glory brings. While we grow madder, really quite insane, paltry scope of which our perceptions reign. Analyze what’s beyond, find  linier success. Most […]

Light, A Distant Vista

~~~~~ Responsible, preoccupied, needs, daily duties, urges to create, atlas beneath my half sky, inventing my truth in beauty, before I’m late. Days fast-paced, so full of shoulds and musts to meet and answer. When so few seek either truth or beauty; they don’t pay the financier. Is shielding the candle flame from darkness worth […]

When We All Know

~~~~~ Everybody dies so why do we try so hard to pretend we will never end? Hold tight the ignorant insanity of youth, when we all know the truth? This is not meant to cry false sentiment. How we face this, whether with no solace, you and I decide intent. Or with aplomb, earth, water, […]