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What a Lovely Young Lady ~ Philip Brent Harris
What a Lovely Young Lady ~ Philip Brent Harris


Writing in the first person can I be I sure I am writing as me?
If I think I describe true events, what in my mind’s eye I see.
Can I recount truthfully pictures I find lurking in my memory?
When I reinvent, interpret, reconceive who I was, am, will be.

We change, adapt, embellish memories, ensure they stay inside.
If they gain pacing, drama, intrigue in telling, have we really lied?
Do we delude only ourselves or others with stories we tell or hide
Or do we only seek to reason, understand, to cope, to abide?

Now I don’t know the answer, perhaps all are somehow true.
Certainly, truth that lives inside your mind and heart is reality to you.
Maybe we spare our feelings, telling little lies to muddle through.
A gently lie spares us pointless pain, trumps unkind truth told in lieu.

Though little lies may blend together, so we become confused.
It may be difficult to know who we are if oft the truth we have abused.
We may then hurt those we thought to spare; they will feel hard used.
In the ones you hurt, include yourself. This cannot be ignored, excused.

Know we’ll change past events, alter details; it’s how our mind works.
Often nothing dire hides behind the curtain, no fear of sharpened dirks.
It gives lots of scientists large study grants and employs lots of clerks.
Though I doubt it, maybe someday they will explain our quirks.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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