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What’s Always Been True

~~~~~ Hear the bells ringing, oh so far away. Yet the sound grows louder as they’re Echoing carillons nearer to our home.. Do they sing of joy or sing of danger, Wedded bliss foretold death’s sorrow? For all these moments we ring bells. Often, heedless what their story tells. We are gnarled into the noises […]

My Mind Wanders

Where the Waters Meet ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ One bunny, two bunny; white tails vanish into the lush undergrowth along the trail. One eats boldly, now a hundred feet away. Sounds of quail behind; I spot a scrub jay. Sit by a different path with different trees. Know an owl lives in a palm […]

No Qualms, No Scintilla

~~~~~ Do you suppose they smirk, cackle, rub their hands together gleefully? Supremes who believe it their right; they remove rights from you and me. We must speak loudly till they listen. Bend ears, till they bend their knees. These angry, unqualified misogynists, a Betty Crocker never baked a cake. All lying in private; all […]

Lighted and Obscured

Follow the Path ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ To wane dolorous, wax rhapsodic, the phases of my inner system roll. Thus sun, planet and moon I wear, cast shadow as garment, cerement. Hiding or revealing my wan light, seen through a gauzy veil at times. Other times occulted or fluoresced. Illuminates greater than me alone. […]

Where Lies Simplicity?

~~~~~ Hurry, hurry, come listen The magic sings, just over the next horizon. Crashes our headlines, colors our comics, spanners gears of progress. Progress antithetical to how the world’s meant to be. When did we lose magic? Not gone, but out of sight. Out of mind, our minds. What fools we mortals be. Magic is […]

Drag Us Under

On the Lookout ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Hear the echo of the river’s voice reflected within the heron’s vision. Listen to the muttering gossip and discord of ducks, gripes of geese. Strain the strain, squeaky serenade of smaller lives under the grasses. All these and more circumnavigate the globe in an amalgam of breath; […]

Best of All

~~~~~ Could I write words all inclusive, a verse, an essay, short story, novel? Or all our words, if used correctly? Would smiles, silence be best of all? ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment Unite the World! ~~~~~ See more of my […]

See the Bunnies

~~~~~ Am I listening to the nightingale, the quail, the cuckoo or the lark? Might I hear the chattering brook full of little and much to convey? Do I see the bunnies and the deer, the puma, bobcat or coyote; if only. Recognize the knowledge their lives as predators are as essential as the prey. […]

Mine Alone

~~~~~ Where do we find the magic?Do we discover it alone,together or to each their own?Is there any magic left?Is it gone, simply sick ordying; lack of miraclesso apparent everyone must see?Happily Insane is notthe same as Insanely Happy.Still, I’ll take what I can get. Is my own magic withinreach, my moments of creation?Random thoughts […]

We Must Never Let Them

Duplicity Times Two ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Too cowardly to accept reality. Except, reality’s truth stays real even when it’s forced into hiding by men, boys, bragging bullies. Acceptance is born into babies. All children must be taught hate. Terrified thugs snarl, jack-booted, burdened with the weapons of war, have crawled from beneath rocks, […]