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Plans They Have Made

~~~~~ Not all, but many gray heads Marvel at youth’s energy and Innocence, worn by cynicism. Now, the sun shines on youth, This moment of first flowering. Wonder how many will realize Dreams they are dreaming, or All the plans they have made? Do we recall plans we drew? Did we don them, a sharp […]

You Must Ask

~~~~~ Shouting down the cat from whereverShe is at the moment or in the future..Though you think a cat’s not for you,.A cat can prove a wonderful teacher.You might expect me to tell you how,I tell you; you must ask the creature.Otherwise, you will never learn everyTrick and each truly incredible feature.So shout down the […]

A Solitary Blue Heron Stands

~~~~~ A work in progress by Philias the Lesser How lush the valley grows in Spring With green refulgent at every hand. Where flowers bloom and fruit ripens, While the bees and birds commune. The farms stand empty and forlorn. All the men and women walk the lane. They look both hungry and insane. What […]


~~~~~ Into my life rain will fall. Will I see it gray or beautiful? Might it mirror my feelings, Whether of despair or of hope? Rain will beat its own rhythms, With no thought for how I feel. If I learn its song, will it change? Will it only be my change, I see? Never […]

Once More, From the Top

~~~~~ Are there meadows in Mongolia? Are there fields in far-off space? Do beings there look like we do? Are they an unrecognizable race? Will we manage to communicate? Will we see smiles truly universal? Can we believe we are still on top, Or learn each life but a rehearsal?. ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World […]

Tomorrow and Tomorrow ~ A Short Story

~~~~~ Arthur stared at the succulents in the wooden planter box he’d made so long ago. Still solid, cleverly cross-braced. A rusted, iron-rimmed wagon wheel leaned against the end. Some of the spokes had already rotted away and he thought the rim would follow soon Everything else had. Two scarlet Fuchsia buds, not quite ready […]

Life Courageous

~~~~~ What gifts given and received would will my words to sing? Tripping lightly from my brain, my heart, my tongue, Able to express the subtle hopes of anything and everything, The true name of all the life and death I live among. Would my hearing need to be honed exceeding fine, So I would […]

I See by Your Outfit

~~~~~ I see by your outfit That you are known. Not as much as many. Far more than some. Greater than me, I’m Sure it is true. Unless. You dress so to seem. A foolish thing to do. I offer you no slight. Don’t ken what your Is or may have been. If you love […]

Even I

~~~~~ I absorb the art and energy of talents who have gone before. Adapting images and words as a composer incorporates, alters and highlights folk tunes. Most centuries before my time, place. How am I related, if  any way? Would a genetic test reveal me? What if my results didn’t match the story I cherish […]

What’s Always Been True

~~~~~ Hear the bells ringing, oh so far away. Yet the sound grows louder as they’re Echoing carillons nearer to our home.. Do they sing of joy or sing of danger, Wedded bliss foretold death’s sorrow? For all these moments we ring bells. Often, heedless what their story tells. We are gnarled into the noises […]