Where You Need to Go

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth


Sweet Surprise ~ Philip Brent Harris


Deep in the woods, rabbits run.
Birds fly, Foxes chase, squirrels hide.
Water falls off cliffs, runs over, through
tumbled rocks and rotting trees, logs.
Then quiet. Do you hear the hunter call?
The melancholy lament of lost love.
Love lost for no reason you can see.
It is clear to others, but not to you.
Like the woods, life goes on within

and without you. Will you join, be
but a shade in shade, a half person,
living in a reality that’s long passed.
Past hope, past joy, past action. Minor
chords to score your life, though
no one’s keeping score. Not for this,
not for you. You will understand
after you are gone and long forgotten.
You have departed already, although

you have yet to arrive. It’s not too late.
Shake off your apathy, your ennui.
Run again,. even the wrong direction.
Get blood flowing through your veins.
Find the sparkle in your eyes that
shows you live. Shows us, you are
alive. Seek pleasure. Seek pain.
Then you will finally remember
where you need to go on your way

out of your heart; the deep woods.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,

Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

Unite the World


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Sweet Surprise ~ Philip Brent Harris

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