What’s Always Been True

Lost in Thought ~ Philip Brent Harris

Lost in Thought ~ Philip Brent Harris


Hear the bells ringing, oh so far away.
Yet the sound grows louder as they’re
Echoing carillons nearer to our home..
Do they sing of joy or sing of danger,
Wedded bliss foretold death’s sorrow?

For all these moments we ring bells.
Often, heedless what their story tells.

We are gnarled into the noises now,
Rattling rustles of the hustle, bustle.
There is clangorous clamor whether
city streets or electronic highways.
How may we hear our celebrations?
Our calls to action when the bells are
overshadowed by the terrible tumult?
False prophets, fallacies and frequent
forays into frightful fathoms unknown.
Have the knells faded to nothing, as if
the hubbub’s ended, or we fail to hear?

For all these moments we ring the bells.
Mostly heedless what their story tells.

Would we believe we had gone deaf
should our cacophonous clatter cease?
Do the profit mongers use their profits,
To send false prophets into the streets?
Not simply trolls and bots, the parrots,
The sad human parrots miming twitter.
With such harsh notes, they are nearer
to an ass’ bray, and nothing real to say.

Some could have been bells warning
if whatever clappers they once held
had not rusted, left stolen, neglected
Till another hand strikes, hammers it.
The vibrations, emanations traveling
Long after they’ve again rung the bell,
Again and again, to create confusion.
Take my hand and walk away with me
into the forest or the field, still unsure
what we might hear, if anything at all.

Have the bells been muffled, silenced
Now that our ears are rendered pliant?

Still, if I am deaf, the world has grown
Mute, while we walk on, hand-in-hand,
My world will forever be a better place.
Bells, bombs broken, lie beside the road,
Scattered across vast flowered meadows,
melted to forge into ships of exploration.
I will neither see nor know your face nor
Mine. You will see through my eyes and I
Will see through yours. We’ll hear with the
Same ears, speak, kiss, smile the same lips.
Not because we’ve created anything new,
because we see what’s always been true.


People Over Politics, World Over Wealth!

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,

Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

Unite the World!


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Lost in Thought ~ Philip Brent Harris

Lost in Thought ~ Philip Brent Harris


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