I Often Wonder

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth

Water Feature Too ~ Philip Brent Harris

Water Feature ~ Philip Brent Harris


Remember your problem or anyone else’s
may be opportunity another person awaited.
Shown in many films when the understudy,
second fiddle steps in at the very last minute
stars, and performs absolutely magnificently.
Not what we hope but should, when replaced.
While a wunderkind might shove you aside.
Are they brilliant with grace, garish, boring?
People who tire you simply to be near them.

I know an understudy’s fear. Have I waited
too long to be known, noticed, thought good
enough, at least, whatever that might mean.
Do you have any clue about what I’m write?
Some I see, my age, are already established.
I’ve just begun despite my dreams of youth.
I find limited ability to sell myself, not only
to others, but to myself, with meager talent.
I believe in myself, but I pretend otherwise.

It is simply easier at home to play this part.
Here I am the tyro, too late started, too soon
defeated, plethora of excuses up my sleeve.
My health and happiness, to shaking hands.
The mess that is my studio, my obligations.
This creates a conflict deep inside me daily.
It seems to lead to endless procrastination.
So, I natter within my head at great length.
Still, I’ve often wondered what it is I said.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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Water Feature Too ~ Philip Brent Harris

Water Feature ~ Philip Brent Harris

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