Time We Must Wait

People Over Politics, Survival Over Surrender, World Over Wealth!

Sacred ~ Philip Brent Harris


Light all the candles.
Speak the ritual words.
From the past,
from the future.
Do they now have
meaning? Did they ever?
Do you believe
they will be heard?

 If they are heard,
will it matter?
Another ritual, lost.
Come and gone,
yet to be.
Would it only work
for you and
not for me?

All the ways
we wend through life.
Hope reading
our horoscopes,
knocking on wood,
tossing salt
or blessing strangers
will do us good.

If we go into a temple,
we call the temple,
a place of worship,
whatever kind, to stand, sit
or kneel to pray.
Will it save us from predators
For whom we’re prey?

If we eat only ice cream
drink only imported
wine. Will this save us,
though it tastes like
ashes and brine?
What are we missing?
What do we need?
Did we miss our chance?

A wrong turn,
a petty crime, so long
ago, nothing can be seen.
No scribbled directions
No X marked
on any map
will pin us
in either space or time.

Still, that is where
we are and where
we will be found.
Standing, waiting
with all the others.
Awaiting a ride
upon the Lethe River
or to a distant shore.

We are always there.
The only difference is
the time we must wait.
Waiting for the taxicab
that never stops,
the delayed train,
the bus which
always passes us by.

Will we feel
like hamsters running
in circles? Why?
Maze-rats stuck
in airless labs, buzzing
on the radar of every cop.
Though we moan and bitch,
will we connect before we die?


Peace is Purpose,
Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity,
Empathy is Empowerment

Unite the World!


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  1. blackbird212012 · · Reply

    Super poem


  2. Thank you so much. I wasn’t sure about this one, so it’s good to get feedback.


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