Answer to an Unasked Question

To Infinity and Beyond ~ Philip Brent Harris


Passionate Pacific my daily inspiration, sunlight, sand and surf.
Murmured messages wash on shore, chased by crashing waves.
Warm strand, moonlit, twinkling on the swells, reflecting earth,
Wind, water, weather form transient art, the sea gives and takes.

Humbled by such vastness of ocean, rolling beyond the horizon,
This and more besides to stir or calm me, impart brief harmony.
Though never enough to wash away the horror on nightly news;
Charlatans, self-righteous fools screaming over here, look at me.

Bucolic word images, I know, do not create poetry, our dreams.
Still, my heart clamors for still moments in a mountain meadow.
My senses constantly assaulted by noise, hate, fear and bigotry,
Watch chumps and bullies battle it out, a brief footnote, maybe.

Magic summer days, glorious sunsets, some future day will end.
Nowhere will we be cited, remembered, our name or reputation.
No matter how important we believe we are, or that we assume,
Time and space will unfold apace as if we had never appeared.

Eternal darkness surrounds us yet we can now barely see stars.
It reduces us, isolates us, terrifies us more than we will admit,
Gone the beaten gongs, drums to repel demons, replaced by war
It has not worked, so we repeat, escalate to hold back our fears.

Some when or where in antiquity, which was not too long ago;
We donned armor of false bravado, hid our despair, our dread.
All that did is screw us up to the nth degree, our foe is not fear.
Push away darkness, without, within, to find a place unknown.

No reason to retain our crumbling mask of useless fake courage.
Even as we live within the darkness, the darkness lives within us.
All part of a never-ending story; we each write a page of our own.
No separation, neither what you hate nor love, despite your belief.

Would you wish away the color of your hair, color of your eyes?
You might manage to charm yourself, hidden behind a false face.
No matter the mask you wear, your disguise will still be fleeting.
Yet, there’s no reason to panic, pull out your hair, but only smile.

All is one and one is all; there’s no reason to feel other than all.
Know, if you castigate, harm your neighbor, you injure yourself.
We and everything is all there is; no need to kneel or to pretend.
Selfishness, violence cannot help or heal, as our history’s shown.

Life, like distant space is simple and mind-bogglingly complex.
It staggers our reason, scares us, to believe we are on our own.
Accepting it’s harder to eat your own head, what’d you expect?
Worth it though. Good news is we can change if we will amend.

We must never forget history, nor abandon our ongoing search
To know our universe, our one, while we appear to stand apart.
Must choose to remove ourselves from atop an imaginary place
Care and heal this, our living globe; it is the only one we have.

All animals know, they must not shit where they choose to live.
In our time here, it’s what we’ve done; we abuse and abandon.
We’ve felt so successful, we injured the planet as if it was ours.
We are foundering in deep water, while clutching a large stone.

Nothing will or can miss us, we appear gone, yet we’ll remain.
We’re not lost or gained, but broken down into constituent parts,
Blended into the all, our bits and pieces joined anew will return,
Combined to become new life; something we can’t now imagine.

Each day remember all is one, despite what you imagine you see.
All are connected to speak, sing, dance and tell our cosmic story.
Don’t worry what part is yours; over your time you’ll play many.
Though I know you did not ask, I believe this answers your query.

VOTE, November 3, 2020!


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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