Will We Learn?

Will We Learn?

                                                                              Beginning of the World ~ Philip Brent Harris


What will we learn during our shelter at home?
By the thousands, millions, urged not to roam.
Will we learn to panic, will we fight, grab all?
Whether needed or not; we’re willing to brawl.
Will we learn to share and care for each other;
Learn to hate, because that’s what we’d rather?
Will we learn of all the problems we can solve?
World hunger, healthcare for all, we’d resolve.
Will we clean the air or be conned by the rich?
Will we forever succumb to their selfish pitch?
Will we learn to take time to truly look around?
Clean air, water, friends and neighbors abound.

Will we learn a few control more than the many,
Even when they get all and we do not get any?
Will we hide in our houses and hide our hearts,
When people all around us are forced to depart?
Do you think it may come down to eating pets?
It is hard to imagine but I’d not take any bets.
Will we learn, if they win, can deny us a vote?
Will we learn not to notice, never to take note?
Will we learn shame that we let it happen again
Will we deny that we knew, condoning the sin?
Will we learn life gets better if truth we decern?
The question which we must ask; will we learn?


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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