What Shall I?

What Shall I?

                                                                               On a Clear Day ~ Philip Brent Harris


When I have fallen to the blows
Lie in the gutter; no one knows,
Struggle to stand up on my own,
Refuse to take help from anyone.

What shall I do then?
Since none live without sin.

If I shall be forgotten by kith and kin,
And lie awake with nowhere to begin,
Out daily, pretend I have a destination
Neither high nor low, but close relation.

Still, I have travelled all the roads
Enjoyed brief company, felt the goads,
Chased from highways by local cops
No $200.00, don’t cross Go, just stop.
I’ve met others on the same journey, aware,
Our quest over land, to reach what we dared.
Parted for a time, then joined once again,
Mere acquaintance now seen as friend.
Some parted or settled down, others found,
Somewhere close or a new stomping ground.

What shall I do then?
Since none live without sin.

When I have sought great reward,
Won the fight by battling hard.
It makes me no different than all,
No more likely to answer the next call.
Always having less but wanting more,
Rich, with a guard beside my door.
I know that I, like all, was naked born,
That time my history will suborn,
Until ashes, dirt or dust are mine,
New chances written in every line.
The choice is always mine to make,
To smile and give or frown and take.
Whatever lessons I have learned,
To know what mattered, why I yearned.

What shall I do then?
What shall I do then?

Will you greet me when I depart,
Wave goodbye before I start?
Will you help me find the path
Crunch the numbers, do the math?
Might you run far ahead of me,
Until your figure I no longer see?
Will I fear my journey only mine,
Find you waiting when I cross the line?
I know I’ll see you rain or shine.
We’ll talk, laugh, on ambrosia dine.

Shall I know what to do when,
Whether I quit or I begin,
Be together, enjoy our friends,
As we hunt, gather or simply fend?
Since, sin is such a freighted word,
Mistakes I made, what’s been misheard.

So, I shall always wait for you,
would choose walk side by side; I do.
You will lift me up when I am down.
I will know where sunshine may be found.
For we are all, and walk with one another,
Son and daughter, father and mother.

What shall I do then?
Since none live without sin.

Sing praise to creation, when
I imagine what will be;
Remember what has been.
Knowing neither where nor how,
Well aware there is only now.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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