Express Me

Express Me

                                                                                        Mystery ~ Philip Brent Harris


Art must be thrown ahead of what is happening now, like a quarterback’s pass must be thrown to where a receiver will be, not where they were when the pass was thrown. Similarly, I must decide what art is for me, besides pretty pictures. What appeals to me, mostly isn’t typical, but I’m driven to create it, because I must.

The fact that we are all same at the core, does not mean we experience or learn the same things. It’s not even that we learn or experience different things; that’s part of the original equation. Since, I believe, we experience all realities over time, why are we here now, when and where we exist?

If we are here to learn, grow and move on, then, we must be here to teach. I think this implies and impels creativity. Yet, I wonder, is anything I create important in any way? I must believe it is, or why bother. Still, every day, I create, be it writing, painting, digital art, or any of the other forms that I have tried.

Perhaps, it’s simply a need to bring beauty to the world, to counteract the current ugliness around us. I may never know the reason why, but I must express me, before I depart.

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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