Ever Live in Fear

Ever Live in Fear

                                                                Love is the Key ~ Philip Brent Harris


How will we decide what to do, what to think, what we’ll think,
In a world of conflicting opinions, way too much information?
While we caper and cavort blindfolded, oh, so close to the brink,
Believing we’re so ordinary, nothing extraordinary can be done.

When actions are performed beyond the pale, it won’t be by us.
We have work to be done and bills to be paid, at the very least.
How would anyone expect us to, and make such a loud ruckus?
We do, or we might, have children we’d protect from the beast.

And, anyway, nothing of what you describe could happen here.
We are much too civilized, as a people, to think or act that way.
Of course, I’ve seen the news, all of the bigotry hatred and fear.
No one I know is like that; they’ll help hold the specter at bay.

Our modern world has grown so large in the last several years.
Sure, there are still a couple of wars fought in places far away
I am certain, this is not something which would happen here;
After all, we’re the good guys and we’ll always win the day.

What is that you said? You say our status is self-proclaimed.
We are the best, brightest, honest, upright, and so righteous.
Some have done wrong, but surely all of us can’t be blamed.
Because it appears you would rather be like us than fight us.

Sure, we may swagger and intrude most anywhere we decide.
How could anyone call us bully, since we’re here to help out.
We are neither shocking nor awful; we have nothing to hide.
Now, you tell us leave, go home; tell me what that is about?

You bitch we use more for our size than we probably should.
Dictate how others should think and how they should behave.
Please, cut us some slack; our motives are nothing but good.
Our government says our job is the rest of the world to save.

How could you possibly be happy, living in the way you do?
You’d think a few thousand years would teach you the truth.
We hadn’t been independently constituted; we already knew;
Ours the correct way to live, and it has been since our youth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Trust me, that’s what each, every nation has always believed.
Ours is the only just cause, if no one understands our reasons.
No matter folks hurt and killed, no matter how ill-conceived;
Devastation, destruction wrought will last for years, seasons.

Many ordinary folks left behind, to cower and shiver in fear.
Their eyes lowered, heads down, hiding, hope not to be seen.
Small folk like you and me, we must rise up, say we are here,
Save our small hope, bravely, righteously, from the machine.

Conquerors destroy hope, mighty seed which is hard to kill.
Since even the smallest speck, can grow, spread and thrive.
Like a small flame, struck in a mighty wind, when it’s still,
Must be closely tended, watched, if we hope it stays alive.

Fire and hope essential for continuing existence on Earth.
Each helps, shelters, gives us the time to dream and grow.
Lose them, we might as well and might well not have birth.
Cold reigns, as our world slows, dark, misery all we know.

Let’s rise up, ignite, hot flames, brighten a tomb-black sky.
Each shines as hope, brings warmth and us gathered here.
Our days lived fully present, as we always, never ask why,
Know the thing we must not think, nor do: ever live in fear.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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