Brightly Blaze the Stars

Brightly Blaze the Stars

                                                                    My Cosmos ~ Not my Image


Mentioned rarely in polite conversation, I follow you around.
You will never see or hear me, because I never make a sound.
Unknown land where I will someday lead you, an adventure;
Sometimes I’ll snatch you unprepared, curtail your time here.

Still, whether slow, sudden, I choose always the correct time.
Introduce myself to you, young or old, or even in your prime.
Comfortable and warm at home, I choose to steal your crown,
In brightest day I take you, a thief in the night, I’m renowned.

Patient in ways you can’t understand, no time too long to wait.
You play hard to get, but I will woo you, win you, sure as fate.
Like any challenge you confront, recognize you’ll pass the test,
Slow and intimate, whirlwind romance, I know you’ll say yes.

Shade, shadow you call me, loath to admit I steer you to light.
Inevitably, you name me grim ghoul, resist me, all your might.
Afraid and alone, tie your blindfold, pretend I don’t hold sway,
As I gently lead you through dark alleys, onto the lighted way.

~          ~          ~          ~

Boldly, with you I stride forth, yet you choose to lag behind,
To adventure urge you, guide you, yet you pay me no mind.
Instead, you run, hide; just disappear, no apparent reason,
Watch others go forth,thrive or fail, each and every season.

Boon companion, I’m constant, help you seek your treasure.
I’m along for the ride, if you seek solitude or only pleasure.
I hold tightly, when you push me away yelling, “I hate you.”
I’m taskmaster, teacher, mentor, no matter what you pursue.

Around blind corners, I push you, so you may find your love.
Into the future I carry you and give you the impetus to move.
I always walk with you, hold your hand within sun or sorrow.
I shall match you step for step today until your last tomorrow.

Close your eyes and ears, express your journey without sound.
Follow imposed, agreed-to, well-worn patterns, culture bound.
Ask yourself, what do you fear more, the darkness or the light;
The sun creates shadows, still, brightly blaze the stars at night.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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